Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 Tips to arouse Your wife`s Sex

Tips to arouse wife sex
How arousing sex wife? Here are 10 tips that can be a guide for you to arouse your wife's sex :

1. The 14th day after menstruation wife
A woman will be very excited at the time of ovulation and is usually two weeks after the last day of menstruation.

2. Create a romantic mood
Play romantic songs, invite her to dance, give him a little minuman.Yakinlah, he will be passionate. But remember do not consume  the Alcoholic Drink, because there is no Sex Relationships are doing "favors" if any one was drunk.

3. Play a romantic film
Most women will carry their feelings and passions will increase when watching romantic movies like the movie "Titanic" starring Leonardo On Caprio.

4. Love long distance relationship
Long distance relationship has great potential in your sex life because of distance for a while will make you a sense of longing so fierce longings are released when the meet again.

5. Doing Fasting
The longer a woman not have sex, the higher sexual arousal. SEX Primary requirement for all people.

6. Something New
Use your creativity, do the other sex than you usually do both. Quickie sex in the morning or in the kitchen, the bath tub or even in the car, will be very exciting.

7. After a Fight
You do not need to worry and doubt, already made him very upset and crying. Calm him, wipe his eyes, and do intimate relationships.

8. When happy and Mood
On Similarly, anger and sadness, excessive happiness can also affect a woman's mood. So when he gets a new job or at the time of experiencing an event that made her very happy, it's time to channel all the positive energy into a great sex.

9. Moderate stress
At the time under stress, increases a woman's libido. When you consider that the couple is experiencing stress, you know that he would appreciate it if you offer him to relax the stress being experienced by romance.

10. Jealousy
What is meant here is not caused by psychological jealous, but jealous of such petty when you accidentally bump into a beautiful lady, or when you're stuck watching a movie starring your favorite artist. Do not let feelings of jealousy grow too much because it will really hurt him.

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  1. This is the funniest shit I have ever read in my life. I think a lot was lost in translation!

  2. The Alcoholic Drink...